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Niagara County Employees

Unit 7650



President Sue Young
Vice President Christopher Needler
Secretary Casandra Baillie
Treasurer Jill Kwoka
Chief Grievance Rep. Keith Lasal
Ex. Board Jill Kwoka 






The Niagara County Employee Unit has 721 members located across Niagara County in departments of Social Services, Health Services, County Clerks Office, Department of Motor Vehicles, Employment and Training, Aging, Data Processing, Mental Health, Sheriff's Department, County Treasurer's, Youth Bureau, Economic Development, District Attorney's Office, Probation Department, County Parks, Public Works, Purchasing, Real Property, Water Authority and the County Sewer Districts. 

Building and Grievance Representatives 

Location Building Grievance Name Phone No.
Courthouse Yes   Cynthia Lucas  
Lockport DSS Yes Yes Claire Schultz  
Shaw Building Yes Yes Jill Kwoka  
Yes Norma Confer  
Brooks Building Yes   John Clark  
Yes Jackie Reynolds  
Sheriffs / Jail Yes   Cathy Richards  
Water District / NF Yes   Kevin Krause  
Yes Clifford Pixley  
Niagara Falls DSS Yes   Pat Frank  
Human Resource   Yes Paula Diliberto  
Yes Lee Golkin  
Yes Dave Hatch  
Yes Mollie Lucas  
Yes Sandie Smith  
Trott Access Center Yes Yes Anna Horton  
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